Month: February 2021

Franck Muller Long Island 952QZ Replica Watch Review

The Franck Muller replica watch launched this time, the workmanship is very delicate, this Franck Muller replica watch uses Swiss quartz movement and imports bamboo crocodile leather strap, very comfortable to wear. This replica Franck Muller Long Island 952QZ series women’s watch. According to the original authentic 1: 1 mold opening and copying, the scratch-resistant double-bridge arched sapphire mirror surface has the same quality as the original.

Literally: the mother-of-pearl face of the arch, with colorful enamel Arabic numerals and hour markers, using the high-grade mother-of-pearl dial, ingeniously created, the craft is perfectly engraved classic!

  • Case: Imported 316L stainless steel case, curved design is more comfortable and handy!
  • The bottom cover is formed by CNC carving, seamless connection, excellent drawing, and 100% authentic.
  • Movement: quartz movement imported from Switzerland,
  • Strap: American crocodile leather as standard
  • Size: 36.6 × 26mm Devoted to creating a high-grade rhinestone inlaid watch, at any cost to make this replica Franck Muller watch. It is beautiful and elegant, elegant, and generous.

This is the end of the evaluation. This replica Franck Muller Long Island 952QA series ladies watch, the workmanship is excellent, this is a real ingenuity, welcome all table friends to appreciate!

This replica Franck Muller Long Island 952QZ watch as a whole is very attentive in terms of workmanship and materials. It can be said that this replica Franck Muller is the highest quality of the present. The chic style of this Franck Muller replica watch and the unique Roman numeral time scale design make many female friends can not forget.